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Ted Todd

For more than two decades, Ted Todd have been on an epic quest to create the most beautiful and innovative wood floors across the globe. And as the years pass by, we’re showing no sign of slowing down. Our creative adventure just gets more exciting; more experimental; more inspiring.

Ted Todd make floors for people who love and appreciate unique, clever interior design. People who want their homes to tell a story, beyond the usual ‘outof- the-box’ fixtures and fittings.

Ted Todd Flooring at Bullen Trading

When it comes to wooden flooring Ted Todd are truly pioneers and with their bespoke service there are no limits to what can be achieved with a wooden floor. We have been partners with Ted Todd from the start and have worked closely on some amazing projects together. With their vast range of products, finishing techniques and innovation Ted Tod continue to lead wear others follow. They really are the premium brand when your considering a wooden floor. Prices of Ted Todd hardwood floors range from £48 per sqm and are normally available within 3 – 5 days.